Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to Campus Living AS processing of personal data about its guests and tenants. The landlord processes personal data about his guests and tenants in order to offer his services. This privacy policy gives you information you are entitled to when personal data is collected about you, including how the landlord processes personal data. The privacy policy covers all personal information provided by you or collected by the Lessor when performing its services. The landlord is subject to Norwegian law, and will process personal data in accordance with the privacy legislation in force at all times.


The controller is the person who determines the purpose and means of processing personal data. The Landlord is responsible for the processing of personal data you provide when you register as a member on the Landlord's website [] or when entering into an agreement to rent an apartment or office premises.
Contact information for the data controller:
‍ Bolette
brygge 1, 0252 Oslo
Telephone: +47 24 20 07 00


If you enter into an agreement to rent an apartment or office premises, or register as a member on the Website, the Landlord will process personal data about you. The information collected by the Lessor can be divided into the following categories:

i. Personal data; i.e. information and assessments that can be linked to an individual, such as first and last name, age, gender, date of birth, position/title, credit card details or other financial information, residential address or other physical address, e-mail address, telephone number and other contact information, log in use of user profile and advertisements.

ii. Information collected through use of the Website; i.e. information collected through data tracking, for example through the use of cookies (see more under point 3) and through the use of analysis tools such as Google Analytics. Examples of information that can be collected are which browser you use, which third-party website connected you to the Website, the search terms you enter on the Website, the specific pages you visit on the Website, and how long you visit the Website at a time.

iii. Your IP address (the number that identifies your computer online) and other information about your computer; The Landlord may also store your IP address and other information about your computer for system administration purposes (for example to calculate how many users have visited the Website). Your IP address is only stored while you visit the Website, after which it is either deleted or anonymised.


The landlord uses information cookies, so-called cookies, and other tracking technology ("Cookies") to improve the user experience and optimize the Website. As a visitor to the Website, you will generally remain anonymous, but please note that you may be verified. Furthermore, location data can be stored to optimize the Website. Location data is never linked with user data.

You can set your browser to detect and remove cookies. By using the help function in your browser, you can configure your browser to prevent the use of cookies, and delete existing cookies. You can also learn how to block new cookies on your browser and how you can be notified of new cookies. If you do not choose to accept Cookies, you risk not being able to access all the functions on the Website.


Personal information is collected through your use of the Website, from the form you fill in when you register as a member on the Website, or by providing information to the Landlord in connection with renting an apartment or office premises.


The Landlord uses the personal data you provide or which is collected by the Landlord through your use of the Website, for the following purposes:

i. to fulfill an agreement with you, i.e. to offer you the rent of an apartment or office premises;

ii. to make it possible for you to enter into an agreement to rent an apartment or office premises directly from the Website;

iii. to improve the services the Landlord offers, the content of the Website and other relevant platforms, for example to collect and process personal data for internal statistical purposes, as well as the administration and marketing of the Landlord. This involves identifying general usage patterns so that the Landlord can improve its services and the Website;

iv. to answer your questions and inquiries;

v. to notify you of new and other services from the Lessor;

we. to notify you of changes to this privacy policy;

vii. for investigations of and prevention and protection against privacy policy violations, crime, fraud and potential threats to our or others' legal rights;

viii. to comply with applicable laws and regulations;

ix. for any other purposes, which are either described in this privacy statement, permitted or required of us by law, rule, regulation or other legal process, or where we specifically notify you.


The landlord's processing of your personal data requires your consent, or another legal basis. Consent can be given at the request of the Landlord, or by you voluntarily providing information when you rent an apartment, on the Website or on other relevant platforms for the Landlord.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to the Landlord, or by deleting your member profile on the Website (see point 10). Please note that certain services the Landlord offers on the Website, such as reserving an apartment or submitting an application for renting office space, depend on the Landlord processing certain types of information about the user, and that withdrawal of consent may result in the user not being able to reserve an apartment or apply for renting office space.

Another legal basis for the processing of personal data may be such processing as is necessary for the Lessor to be able to comply with applicable laws and regulations, such as the Bookkeeping Act's requirements for the storage of special forms of documentation.

Your personal data will not be stored longer than is necessary for the Lessor to be able to fulfill the above purposes.


The Landlord may disclose your personal data to suppliers and subcontractors who perform services for the Landlord, in order for the Landlord to be able to deliver services to you (the Landlord may, for example, use suppliers for hosting the Website, or to facilitate contact with customers by e-mail or SMS , for payment processing etc.). Suppliers and subcontractors can only use the personal data for the purposes for which they were obtained, and to carry out their tasks. The relationship with such suppliers and subcontractors will be regulated through a data processing agreement with the Lessor.

The Landlord will not share, sell, convey or in any other way disclose personal data about you in a way other than what appears in this privacy policy, unless the Landlord is required to do so by law or a binding court decision.


The Landlord takes your privacy seriously, and has implemented sufficient security measures to protect your personal data, including physical, technical and organizational data, to prevent loss, changes, theft and unauthorized access to personal data for which the Landlord is responsible.


The website may contain links to other websites. These websites have their own privacy statements that give instructions on how the websites are operated and how personal information is collected and processed. If you provide your personal information to such websites, this will be governed by the website's privacy policy. The landlord is not responsible for such third-party websites, how they are operated, and how they process your personal data. The landlord recommends that you familiarize yourself with the third-party websites' own privacy statements and terms of use when you visit and use these websites.


You have the right to access the personal data the Landlord processes about you. If you have registered a member profile on the Website, you can easily log in to your member profile on the Website and change incorrect personal information stored there, or delete your member profile.

You have the right to demand that your personal data is deleted. In the event of such requests, all your personal data will be deleted, unless continued storage of the personal data is required by law, or permitted as a result of the Lessor's legitimate interests. The landlord can continue to store anonymised information, i.e. information that cannot be linked to you. Contact the Landlord by using the contact information specified in point 1 if you wish to exercise your rights to:

i. receive information about which personal data the data controller processes about you;

ii. change, correct or update your personal information;

iii. demand that personal data be deleted;

iv. no longer receive e-mails from the Landlord, such as newsletters and the like;

v. withdraw your consent to the collection, processing, use or disclosure of your personal data to third parties;

we. receive information about your right to data portability, i.e. your right to receive, reuse or transfer personal data you have provided to the Lessor.

If you believe that the Lessor's processing of personal data is in breach of privacy legislation, you have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.


The landlord may from time to time make changes to this privacy policy. An updated version of the Landlord's privacy policy will be available on the Website at all times, and will take precedence over previous versions of the privacy policy in the event of a conflict. The landlord will notify you if changes are made to the privacy policy that require your consent.

By using the Landlord's services, you accept electronic notification and publication of this privacy policy on the Website, and you agree that electronic notification or publication of a revised version on the Website is valid as notification to you of changes made.